What sort of beans do you use for your tempeh?

We use naturally grown, GM-free soya beans in our tempeh. No artificial fertilisers or pesticides are used in their production.

How do you know that your tempeh is safe to be sent through the post unrefrigerated?

Our tempeh has been thoroughly tested by a UKAS approved microbiology laboratory, and has been approved for this. We have also done extensive trials sending it through the post, as far away as Cornwall and Scotland (we are based in Suffolk), and it has always arrived in perfect condition.

What happens if my tempeh does not arrive within two days of being posted?

We will refund your money or send you more tempeh, whichever you prefer.

Can tempeh be eaten raw?

No, tempeh should be thoroughly cooked before eating.

Can I freeze some of the tempeh?

Yes, you can freeze the tempeh at home, and it will last up to six months in a 3-star freezer.


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