We are very sorry but due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to close down our tempeh production.

Many thanks to all our regular customers.






































































































































































































We are a small company who specialise in producing high quality fresh tempeh.

We make our tempeh to order only, and orders need to be in before 6pm on a Sunday for delivery the following week. This does mean that there is sometimes a while between order and delivery, but it's well worth the wait.

After incubation the tempeh is chilled overnight and sent to you by first class post the next morning, to be delivered through your letterbox the day after. The tempeh is fine even if the delivery takes two days, as this is still a ‘live’ food — the tempeh culture is continuing to grow slowly.

The tempeh should be stored in you fridge on arrival and used within the next five days.

You can also freeze some of it for later use.





































































































































































































Fresh Tempeh In Pitta

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